Mara Students Organisation

For GOD and Maraland

Established on November 4, 1965 at Shillong, Meghalaya.
Reg. No. RS/41 of 1968-1969 (Assam)


Ngôvaw Azyu, Siaha Vaihpi

MSO Office
MSO Office

Achuhaipazy Opi, New Colony – II, Siaha 


MSO General Election 2022, Siaha

Miss Contestant
Miss Contestant

Last MSO Miss Contest at Saikao 2019


MSO Elected Office Bearers zy 2022-2024


Student career guidance

Latest Activities

MSO Joint HQ Delhi Election

Târi 25th pamih(March), 2023 khata Returning Officer St K.Beisungia, Recorder St Abednago Chhaihlô ,Polling Officer St. Roland Fachhai nata Pp Zosangliana Vytuchhȏ zy chhithana ry liata Mara Students’ Organisation Joint...

CEM MADC nata SP Siaha zy apakyhna

Atanoh târi 03.04.2023 (Hriatuanoh) khata Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters, Siaha ta Puhpa, M. Laikaw, CEM MADC nata Puhpa, Lura Hauzel, Superintendent of Police, Siaha zy apakyhna eima hnei...

Alykheina nata Pathliena daihti hmah

St. Beirachhitha Bohia ta rai a hmôna he DST-SERB Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in Science (EMEQ), Gov't of India project ry liata Junior Research Fellow (JRF) rai hria...

Theiri MSO zy ta alykhei

Mara Students' Organization (MSO), Theiri zyta Puhpa Tiahlei Syuhlo, Executive Member i/c Forest âlykheina daihti chyupa hneipa a châ...

Mara Students' Organisation General Headquarters : Siaha

List of Office Bearers (2022 – 2024)

Structure of Mara Students' Organisation

Sub – Headquarters 

01. Shillong

MSO aduana su 1965 pa ta Shillong khihpi liata pasuapa châ ta, headquarters chhao ta hmâpa a vaw châ tyh hra.

02. Tipa

03. Châkhei

04. Phura

05. Zyhno

06. Saikao

07. Amotla

08. Chhaolô

09. Bengaluru

Joint – Headquarters

01. Aizawl

Mizoram State Capital liata MSO Joint Headquarters he paduapa a châ.

Content update soon…

02. Delhi

India râh Capital Delhi su liata MSO Joint Headquarters paduapa a châ.


01. Town Branches

  1. GHSS
  2. ECM HSS
  7. GHS
  8. GSH
  9. New Colony HS

02. Village/ Area Branches

Khih to Branch he padua laihpa a châ. Update Later…

03. Student Union

  1. SU, Govt Saiha College, Siaha

04. Outside Mizoram

  1. Pune
  2. Chennai
  3. Guwahati
  4. Hyderabad

Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives of Mara Students Organisation

(1) To guide Mara students in their studies as per Christian values and ethos, and mould them to become good citizens.

(2) To give a helping hand to Mara Students who were in need of it in their pursuit of studies.

(3) To safeguard Mara Language and try to find a means to include mara vernacular as a language subject in Elementary to University

(4) To be a supporter of the students in and out of Maraland in times of their difficulties.

(5) To make Maraland walk on the path of progress
(6) To establish good governance in Maraland
(7)To safeguard Mara’s culture and tradition, and also promote unity
(8)To safeguard Maraland and her Heritage
(9)To safeguard and promote Mara Literature
(10)To safeguard and promote Mara’s Traditional Dances.
(11)To Safeguard and promote Mara’s Traditional dress
(12) To protect Mara students from the world of drug abuses and other social evils.
(13)To felicitate the deserving Mara students.

MSO Theme Song

1. Thyu ula Marasaw hmialâ pangai suh vy,
     Daihti pha eima hnei chhôh he ta;
     Rietheina hluh hrasa tiama ta tao ei si,
     Eima râh hmasiena châta.

          Atahmâ he thaina sona ti,
          Pasohpa cha aloh hai,
          Cha su cha pangai s’u;
          Rietheina hluh hrasa;
          Sona ti pasoh doh awpi.

2. Thyutlia na khih bôhpi siesai ta cha su lâ,
     Siepa ta na râh ta achâ hnaw;
     Mararâh zohpa he pakhaih s’awpa ta,
     Sona tikhaoh pangai mah y.

3. Mola khithlao ry lia laphô to thlu hrei si,
     Sihnoh chhy laina noh chhi ba se,
     Marasaw keimo ta bahlia a cha-ao ei si,
     Lyna khih pavâna suh la.


Vyhphao he Magazine nata Sports Meet moh liata hmâpa  a châ.

MSO General Headquarters ta quarterly magazine apapua tyhpa. Magazine Board he ano-eih ta arao tyhpa châ ta, MSO Gen. HQ. liata Sub-Committee sâkha hawhta paduapa a châ. MSO hmotaohpazy chhao he vyhphao liata papua tyhpa a châ hra.

Kô 1 padaipa ta MSO Vyhphao Sports Meet he ahma tyhpa a châ. Sports Disciplines nano nanopa tao tyhpa a châ. 2022 Vyhphao Sports meet liata Govt Saiha College, Siaha zy cha Champion Team a ma châ.

MSO Miss Contestant

MSO Miss Contestant

Miss Contestant 2019 at Saikao

MSO Miss Contestant

MSO Miss Contestant

Miss Contestant 2019 at Saikao

Ngovaw Azyu

Ngovaw Azyu

MSO Miss 2019

Ngovaw Azyu

Ngovaw Azyu

MSO Miss 2019

Ngovaw Azyu

Ngovaw Azyu


Ngôvaw Azyu

Ngôvaw Azyu

MSO Miss 2019

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